Best Gaming Chairs For PC (August. 2017)

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Q. I’m doing a powerpoint presentation that has to be 15 slides all about computer gaming. The first home console the Magnavox Odyssey had a simple controller that was a analog potentiometer, this meant that the player controlled the line by turning the dial and this would change the resistance causing the line to move up. This controller had two potentiometers allowing the player to move left right up and down giving a wider range of games that just pong.

Q. Im building a gaming computer because i have an ACER laptop which actually does handle games decently with minor lag.(games like-TF2, Minecraft,Garry’s Mod, Arctic Combat and thats really all i know..)What would you say the The actuall specs are for playing games like Battle Field 3 and games like ARMA 2 and ARMA 3. i need to know because developers of games always say that you need a high tech NVidea to play Minecraft, but my Intel integrated sht, handles it just fine.

The MindFlex made by Mattel in collaboration with NeuroSky was even ranked in Time Magazines top 100 toys of all time In this game the player floats a ball by concentrating on it; an electroencephalogram is used to judge the persons level of concentration through direct measurement of the electrical activity in their brain, this headset then communicates with a platform controlling the speed of a fan and thus the ball.

If you only play one game at a time, and remove them from your machine afterward, then you should have no problem working with a smaller drive, but gamers who like to have all their games downloaded and ready to play on a moments notice should plan on having large storage and a computer with extra SATA cables and drive bays for additional hard drives or solid state drives.

I’ll just give you a little background on what I plan to play, I want to have a computer that can run BF3 on High settings and get around 60+ FPS, also be able to play minecraft on Far with 60+ FPS, Can someone assist me in what I should do, I have $1000 to spend towards this computer, If you are able to help me it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me some of the main components to have on the computer so I at least know where to start.