Can VPS Hosting be a Good Platform to Set Up a Hosting Reseller Business?

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Reseller Hosting business has been around for a few decades now and is still attracting many people. Traditional ways of reselling include sharing the server or purchasing an entire server and then splitting it up to provide a hosting solution for your customers. But there were many problems associated with it. A Dedicated Server still requires a lot of investment and shared server may succumb to the load of the reselling business. With the introduction of Virtual Server Hosting in the reselling foray, major problems associated with traditional methods have been eliminated.

How VPS works?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) works on the principle of server virtualization, where a physical server is split into multiple virtualized environments. The resources allocated to each virtual machine is used to host a website, and they appear to give the benefits of a dedicated server.

Steps to starting your reselling business with VPS.

1.      Selecting the right host: With so many Reseller Hosting options available in the market, it may get confusing. It is best not to run for the cheapest plan, and rather select the one which already has an established presence in the industry. You would need to outdo your competitors in the aspects of reliability and customer support. Therefore it is important to choose a provider who offers a reliable VPS Hosting for your business.

2.      Give plenty of options: A reselling business is based on the very fact that you would need to cater to a particular niche of customers who are looking for tailor-made plans. A VPS Server system for your reselling business provides you with the benefit of scaling resources. You can easily prepare plans based on the required resources and offer customized solutions to your customers.

3.      Master cPanel: A master cPanel allows you to allocate resources and create an invoice with the help of WHMCS.

 Benefits of using VPS for your hosting reseller business

  1. Cost-effective: VPS being less pricey than Dedicated Hosting, you can easily pass on the benefits to your potential customers. This is essential keeping in mind the high competition in the reselling business. This way, you can spend on other aspects of growth like social media marketing for your brand and SEO. Also, if you are already reselling hosting on a shared server, the transition to VPS may seem very affordable.
  2. Virtual hardware: VPS eliminates the need for maintaining a physical server for your reselling business. As such, you do not experience common hardware issues which may take a few days to get resolved. If the servers on which the virtualized environment is created malfunctions for any reason, the website can be seamlessly hosted on another server.
  3. Customizability: Through your master cPanel, you can customize and configure different services as per your needs. VPS allows root access which gives greater control over the resources.  One can easily lessen the burden on the server by limiting the number of FTP and SMTP connections.


If you plan on starting a hosting reseller business, then you may consider VPS-based Reseller Hosting. It offers many benefits which are similar to a Dedicated Server. It is a lucrative business option for people who are not looking to invest a hefty amount on purchasing a Dedicated Server.