How Professional Logo Design can add to a Corporate Identity and Boost Business?

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Logos are symbols or emblems used by companies to create visual association and recognition. They can be abstract or concrete visuals. They can be pictorial or textual. The most popular brands in business today have the most memorable logos. How do logos add to corporate identity? Why do companies willingly give hundreds of dollars to logo design firms just to create the perfect visual?

Logos in the Business World

Numerous technology and techniques, such as the advent of the industrial revolution, have contributed to the creation of the contemporary logo. Photography and lithography aided the boom of the advertising industry which combined typography and imagery together on paper. The first logo to be trademarked was the Bass red triangle in 1876.
Since then, a logo has become an essential requirement for companies. It is the most noticeable aspect of the company, usually printed on all company merchandise and advertising material and the like. The most successful companies have some of the simplest and most memorable visual identities. Nike’s ‘swoosh’ has become synonymous with the brand itself as it is easy to remember and identify. Even organised associations like football clubs have their own logos.

Hammering the Corporate Identity

A professional logo design must reflect the personality of a brand. They add an air of professionalism to a company. Logos add to the visual corporate identity of a business in numerous ways.
A good, thoughtfully designed logo can be a tremendous asset to a business and is among the first things a start up company would have to decide upon. Going to a professional logo specialist is the key for creating the perfect look for your company. So it’s no surprise that companies are willing to spend big bucks on their logos.