How to improve the operation of an online store?


The huge competition between online stores makes customers more and more demanding. They expect not only quality and affordable products, but also instant shipping, free returns and excellent service. In their opinion, the purchasing process should be quick and smooth. Therefore, if you are wondering how to attract customers to the online store, you should have in mind the improvements in the area of logistics. Skillfully organized and efficient e-commerce logistics is the key to increasing sales in your store. 

How to attract customers? 

Struggling with the growing needs of customers in relation to logistics processes should start with the automation of certain processes. To this end, it may be necessary to implement a WMS class system in a warehouse, which covers the three most important areas of its functioning: acceptance of goods into the warehouse, its storage, and delivery to the customer. Support for each of these areas is done using modern barcode technologies, which allows for much faster and more efficient identification of goods, storage places and customer data. 

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The basis of success in the e-commerce industry is of course customer satisfaction. The Internet gives a number of opportunities for them to express their level of satisfaction. Customers willingly share their opinion on the quality of service, speed of delivery or return procedure of the product they purchased. Therefore, every online store should make sure that it maintains the highest possible service standards and, equally important, keep its promises. Good communication is therefore the basis for successful cooperation. 

The final stage of logistics is of course the delivery of goods to the customer – in this case it is extremely important to choose the right courier and order him to deliver the package. WMS systems that are directly connected to courier software also come in handy. It is even possible to create appropriate algorithms that will select the optimal courier for a specific package, sent for example to a given location. Such integration is also a great way to save time – the process of generating waybills or labels is fully automated. 

The increase in turnover forces even greater improvements in logistics, but running some processes alone may go beyond the physical capabilities of the store – for example, due to the lack of sufficient warehouse space or staff able to handle the growing number of orders. 

You can opt for full logistics outsourcing or delegate only a part of the tasks or project (so-called selective logistics outsourcing). Full logistics outsourcing is a so-called fulfillment, which, due to the number of benefits it brings, is becoming more and more popular. It’s a great way to reduce expenses related to after-sales processes, improve order processing and speed up delivery, as well as increase sales and operational capabilities of the online store.