Key Benefits of Offline-First Solutions


These days a company that strives to keep its high market positioning and fight back new players has to ensure its mobile presence to be with the customers 24/7. However, it’s no longer enough for a program to perfectly functioning solely in the online mode, and the offline operation turns out to be highly recommended as well.

Let’s figure out why offline software is so critical and what value it can provide for both, users and app owners.

Essential benefits of offline mobile applications

We’ve enumerated the key reasons to design a service operating both online and offline. Let’s explore them.

# The absence of Internet won’t be a problem

It’s clearly a definite advantage of all offline platforms since they can function independently with no need to be connected to the Internet. Such possibilities will increase users’ satisfaction level, so they’ll be more content while interacting with those programs.

# It’s much easier to manage the storage

If storing data on servers, you’ll always need a powerful framework and steady Internet to access that information. Unfortunately, bringing about these conditions is too complicated to ensure. Still, there’s a way out: creating an app that works offline. Therefore, you’ll get all the tools required to update the info on servers if needed and whenever possible.

# Greater competitiveness

When you create a successful app that can switch offline, you’ll easily leap ahead of all your rivals who don’t provide such a feature. For sure, the audience would choose software that grants wider functionality and more advanced operational conditions, including an option to apply that system off-line.

# Increasing the number of your loyal customers

People will be more willing to take advantage of the resource knowing there’s the possibility to enjoy it when the connection isn’t available. Moreover, being in the offline mode, the solution manages to operate faster, thus, individuals will get even happier.

# The loading is quicker

How can it be achieved? Offline mobile services turn to load more quickly because they don’t actually depend neither on the server functioning nor on Internet access. Meaning, users are capable of using an application any time at any place.

# Regulating caching procedures

Offline-first platforms are designed to assist the audience to easily handle the caching. Such a possibility adds great value to programs.

# Efficient battery saving

The majority of the points mentioned above contribute to the battery saving of the devices applied. That’s especially important when people are traveling and aren’t sure when exactly they’ll get the next chance to charge their gadgets.

When would that be a great idea to develop offline software?

We shall distinguish the industries that will get the greatest value from making such an app. Among the numerous existing options, we’d like to emphasize the following:

  • Entertainment & Games. What market could be more obvious to apply such systems!
  • News & directories of any kind. It concerns all informational solutions, including city guides and other similar services.
  • Education. Since the info is kept on devices, that’s the best choice for diverse education and training platforms, cos such lesson software doesn’t demand continuous upgrades.
  • Traveling. No matter, what’s more important for individuals traveling abroad – the need to reduce costs or the urge to make the battery last longer – they’ll manage to do both by cutting the Internet connection. And, still, the resource will be able to perform its functions.
  • Applications for kids. Any program built for children – whether it’s just for fun or to educate – will turn even better with the offline mode, and parents won’t have to worry their child will bump into something inappropriate online.
  • Shopping online. Even applications for shopping can operate offline. It’s possible when the catalog is moved to the app. Obviously, to carry out the payment customers will still need the Internet, however, one step – choosing products – could be made if the solution is offline.
  • Healthcare resources. It could happen that someone doesn’t feel very well and needs to call an ambulance by means of the medical app, so it would be perfect if that call could be made even when the connection is down.

Naturally, you can find multiple frameworks and templates for developing an offline mobile system. Nevertheless, we’d recommend you to design such a service from scratch. Clearly, the process will take longer and turn more money-intensive, however, in such a case it will have more chances to turn popular and successful. So, you choose.