Mobile Technology For Increased Productivity in Industries


The increased use of smartphones and tablets has revolutionized the world of work and business. Apple’s ‘i’ products and Google’s Android devices are all over the marketplace and the top level management is pondering on how the mobile technology can be leveraged for optimum business outcomes. Mobile devices, if used effectively, can help employees to be more productive, manage work efficiently, and make the overall business profitable. Most organizations are thinking of incorporating the new concept of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) to make work flexible and efficient.

Mobiles give the freedom to stay connected to work all the time and from anywhere. Managers can communicate with their clients and their team even while traveling, which fosters quick decision making and enhanced work productivity. Smartphones gives users access to company data and other useful resources to keep working while on the go. Let’s take a look at the impact of mobile technology in various industries –

1) Mobile Advertising: Mobiles have redefined the advertising world. Customers use the mobile platform for online shopping and there are plenty of mobile marketing tools available to attract customers. Offers and deals are communicated to the potential customers’ right at their fingertips and businesses make their websites redesigned for the mobile device to increase business opportunities. There are different types of mobile applications that keep a track of consumer preferences and track the websites visited by them. This helps to deliver customized advertisements to users according to their choice and interest. Advertisements can be addressed to a targeted group of audience who are likely to be interested in the field.
2) Mobile Banking: Most of the banks offer mobile banking services to its customers as it aims to provide a convenient banking experience. Users can now check their balance, make transactions easily, and transfer money within accounts. Mobiles are a convenient medium through which users can easily have access to their account information and make quick transactions. Banks provide instant SMS of all the transactions done by the customer and keep him informed to avoid any mishaps.
3) Location Based Services: Mobile device users can smoothly avail location based services to obtain location specific information. Users can easily find the nearest leather shop, or the nearest restaurant depending upon the user’s location. These services enable to save time and provide handy information at the time of need.
4) Trade and Business: Mobiles provide a greater level of connectivity to its workforce and enable them to be in-touch all the time. Management can stay tuned with their clients and conduct work related meetings and presentations while on the go. This has enabled businesses to be more profitable and deliver the best customer service experience.