Tips for Choosing a Child-Friendly Hotel on a Vacation to Phuket

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Vacation with children can make the family closer. However, if it was done without proper preparation, the vacation can be a mess and children will not feel comfortable during the holidays. One of the mandatory preparations is to choose a child-friendly hotel in Phuket.

The choosing a child-friendly hotel is important because it will be a place where you spend a lot of time during your vacation. The hotel must not only provide comfort to you as a parent. At the same time, children’s comfort and safety are also not to be missed.

Criteria for Child-Friendly Hotels in Phuket

There are 7 criteria you should consider in choosing a child-friendly hotel in Phuket. The seven criteria are:

1. Children’s swimming pool

The existence of a swimming pool is the first consideration you need to do, especially a children’s pool. The existence of a special swimming pool for children can help children to feel at home while on vacation. They can spend a lot of time swimming in the pool. Remember, as a parent, you must monitor your children to move.

2. A comfortable kids club

The existence of Kids club Phuket can help children feel comfortable during the holidays. Kids club is usually provided by the hotel to help guests who vacationing with children. Over there, children can get various types of games. For this club, usually, the hotel will charge additional fees.

3. Connected room options are available

Connected rooms also need to be considered when choosing a child-friendly hotel in Phuket. Connected rooms, allowing parents to be able to monitor the rooms occupied by children more closely.

4. Bathroom bathtub

The next criterion in choosing a child-friendly hotel in Phuket is to see whether there is a bathtub or not. The existence of a bathtub will make children feel at home taking a long shower.

5. Strategic location

A strategic location should also be considered in choosing a child-friendly hotel in Phuket. A hotel with a strategic location makes you and your children easy to visit tourist attractions. Moreover, if the child is the one that does not really like being in the vehicle for a long time.

6. Room location

Room location must also be a concern. You may choose a room that is on the 2nd, 3rd floor, or even higher. Make sure your room is safe for children. For example, look at the balcony area. Is the balcony have sturdy and high guardrail?

7. On-budget room cost

Last but not least, you should also pay attention to the budget when choosing a child-friendly hotel in Phuket. You can only find hotels that meet the 6 previous criteria. However, don’t let the stay rates exceed the budget provided.