Tips to stop your laptop from overheating


Many laptops owners experience their laptops getting hot while working. This is no cause for concern, as laptops get hot from overworking or aging. Besides, overheating simply means there is no adequate airflow in the fan sectioñ of the laptop. Here is how you can stop your laptop from getting too hot:

Check the fans and elevate the laptop

Your fans may be the reason why your laptop is getting hot. If they are not blowing adequately, your laptop will overheat. Once this is happening, you will feel little or no air coming out of the air vent as opposed to the hot air that should be blowing. Just unscrew the laptop, and clean the fans. Dust can cause fans to stop operating well. If you cannot unscrew the laptop, get a professional to do it for you. Additionally, try to elevate the laptop when working. You can place a small book under it or buy a laptop cooling mat. Putting the laptop on a raised platform helps to prevent it from overheating. If the laptop fan is faulty, you might need to get another fan from Gearbest or other companies that sell laptop accessories.

Use a laptop desk and control your fan speed

If you do not want to use à book or a laptop cooling mat, you can simply use a laptop desk when working. Placing your laptop on your laps blocks air from getting into the air vent and this makes it overheat. Ensure you get a high-quality laptop desk. Also, it is important to control your fan speed when your laptop is getting too hot. If the speed of your laptop fan is too fast, it causes inadequate airflow. However, you can install programs that can help you to control the speed of the fans whenever necessary.

Reduce intense processes and keep the laptop from heat

You have to reduce the intense processes your laptop goes through. Putting it through intense processes puts more pressure on the CPU and as a result, it gets hotter. Try not to do too much work on your laptop at once. You can take all you want to do one after the other at different times. Also, you should keep your laptop away from heat. Put it in à cool and non-dusty place always. When working, try to stay in a ventilated area as well. Ensure the surface you place your laptop on is not hot.

Repair the laptop

If your laptop is shutting down often and has serious heating problems, you can stop using it for some time. If the problem persists, take it to an engineer to fix it. Except you are an engineer, do not try to fix your laptop yourself. You may end up causing more damage to the laptop. Also, you should service your laptop regularly. Run periodic diagnoses on it to know if anything is wrong with it and to be able to deal with any problem as soon as possible. Keep the laptop from liquids and dust. You should also put it in a place where it is safe. In some cases, you might be forced to change the laptop or some other parts of the laptop that has been affected. You can read consumer reviews in Finnish language to know the best companies to patronize as well as the best parts to buy to replace faulty ones in your laptop.