Ways to Prevent Dengue Mosquitoes

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Need a way to prevent dengue mosquitoes that are effective, so that the home environment is maintained. Already know how? When the rainy season arrives, the threat of dengue mosquito attacks is getting worse. Do not let yourself get DHF because of late prevention! According to observers, not all Aedes aegypti mosquitoes have the potential to transmit disease. Yes, only female mosquitoes carry the dengue virus.

Female mosquitoes never accidentally transfer dengue viruses into the human body. They only intend to prey on blood to feed the 300 eggs in their bodies. Therefore, they not only bite one, but up to 20 people in the environment.

So, if none of these 20 people have dengue virus, this mosquito will not be dangerous. However, if one of the 20 people bitten by the blood contains a dengue virus then the mosquito has the potential to transfuse the dengue virus to someone else. Therefore, keeping the house free of dengue mosquitoes is very important.

How to Prevent DHF Mosquitoes Naturally

Did you know that Aedes aegypti mosquitoes really like damp areas?

Well, one way to keep mosquitoes away at home is:

1. Create Good Air Circulation and Lighting

ensuring that housing is equipped with good air circulation and lighting. Apply cross-circulation where each side of the facing room is ventilated. As for light, install large openings or use a skylight so that the house is abundant in light.

2. Use buzzbgone

buzzbgone is an innovative tool that can trap and kill mosquitoes anywhere, whether inside or outside the room.

3. Drain the bathtub, aquarium and flower vase

Aedes aegypti mosquitoes love to live in clean water such as bathtubs, aquariums and flower vases. So you have to drain the container because there might be 300 mosquito eggs ready to hatch. If not able to clean, it’s better not to use aquariums and flower vases because that’s where their nests live.

4. Don’t Hang Clothes Too Much

Maybe it has become our habit if after removing clothes then hang it. Though Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, especially females, really like to hide behind clothes. After changing clothes, it’s better to put it in the laundry basket rather than hang it.

5. Plant Anti-Mosquito Plants

In order to ward off mosquitoes into the house, you can plant mosquito repellent plants such as lavender, oranges, lemongrass, zodia and several other plants. Place these plants around the house or near the bedroom window and door.