What’s New about Cloud in the New Normal?


New Normal is a term that has resonated more recently after the Indonesian government decided to save an economy that was paralyzed by the pandemic. Given the concept of the New Normal in the World, which is to live side by side with Covid-19 while implementing health protocols, we can be sure that digital services will remain reliable during activities and business development.

Cloud-managed networks is one of the technologies that can be relied on in running a business at the time of the New Normal. New Normal itself is no longer a new term in the cloud world. Cloud usage has been touted as the New Normal for the past few years because of its ability to become the foundation of various digital services.

Why should you switch to Cloud when New Normal?

Although it is no longer a new thing to call the Cloud the New Normal, its function in supporting various digital and business services is inevitable. Therefore, the use of the Cloud will be increasingly needed when the New Normal in Indonesia. The benefits of using the cloud are even more pronounced when a pandemic occurs and when the government implements a policy of working, studying, and worshiping from home. This shows the Cloud as the foundation of digital services such as e-Commerce, e-Learning, or teleconferencing at New Normal.

In more detail, the following is the role of the cloud during New Normal:

Ensuring business continuity

Cloud solutions are equipped with features for data backup, disaster recovery to business continuity management. Cloud network management solutions can ensure business operations run practically during a pandemic and New Normal where internal IT systems may not be reachable.

Ensuring secure e-Commerce

The need for food and household needs remains even during the pandemic and New Normal. However, when New Normal was predicted, people would still rely more on online shopping, such as during the pandemic. Cloud services also play a role as the backbone for online stores in ensuring their operations run smoothly, especially when demand is high.

Maintain communication

Now working remotely has become commonplace. This activity is supported by cloud services so that it can maintain and increase employee productivity across divisions. Thanks to the Cloud, working remotely can now be done smoothly without a hitch even though the types of work vary from online marketing to accounting.